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What does being on the first page mean?

Why SEO drives leads

You've heard great things about SEO and getting to the top of Google. But what does it mean to be there?

The short answer is more traffic to your website, and of course, more traffic means more leads & sales for your team.

We have a SEO product that will take your lead aquisition to the next level.

SEO is a power hitter, delivering:

SEO is about more than simply outranking the competition for the top spot. It's about marketing your content and ranking multiple pages for multiple search terms, so that when people search, they only get results that point to your pages.

Our SEO Packages include:

We recommend the Business package for smaller markets and teams and Professional/Elite for larger markets, or teams looking to dominate the organic search results across multiple pages.

You can enjoy top positioning in your marketplace, capturing rankings of high-value, targeted keywords across multiple ranking positions, all working together to generate the new wave of leads you need.

High-Impact Lead Generation

Direct Response Paid Search

Having your site show up for high-value search queries is everything. We use Search Advertising to position your website on search engines, capturing precise, targeted searchers actively looking to buy or sell in your local real estate market.

Search & Display Advertising Delivers:

Research and selection of keywords, or search queries, that are most relevant to your business, creating 'keyword groupings' that are paired with tailored ads. Some accounts may have up to 30,000 keyword variations for targeting.

Search Advertising (AdWords, Yahoo!/Bing) is an auction based model where both a bid and a 'Quality Score' determine where and when your ad is shown. We optimize these two variables for each keyword in your campaign, all based on lead generation performance and your cost-per-lead.

Our Search & Display Advertising Package Includes:

All activity is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) based and designed around lead generation.

We recommend a minimum of $500 for smaller markets and teams and $1000-$1500 for larger markets, or teams looking to dominate the advertising space.

There's a reason Search Advertising is wide-spread and efficient - the more you spend, the more you get in return.

Social Lead Generation

Finely Tuned Push marketing

Facebook advertising allows us to reach existing or new customers on Faccebook using customer information you already have.

We are able to deliver targeted ads to people that match your target demographic, as well as those who have already visited your website, but didn't register as a lead.

Social Advertising Delivers:

Our Social Advertising Package Includes:

All activity is Pay-Per-Click (PPC) based and designed around lead generation.

We recommend a minimum of $250 for smaller markets and teams, and $500-750 for larger markets or teams looking to dominate their immediate area on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising is not only great at capturing a demographically relevant audience - your brand recognition will increase, producing a halo effect in other marketing channels.


What happens when I click "Pay Now"? How am I billed?

After you select your Marketing Upgrade and "Pay Now," you will receive a notification email detailing your package and budget upgrade. Our billing team will review the upgrade request and will confirm billing details with you, including a final confirmation and method of payment.

When will my package upgrade take effect?

All billing activity is processed at the beginning of each month. Once payment has been received, your upgrade will take immediate effect. If you wish to upgrade before the 1st of the month, kindly let our billing team know when they contact you to confirm. You will then be charged the full amount of the requested upgrade, and again at the beginning of the following month.

Where can I learn more about the marketing packages?

Detailed information on our marketing packages and strategies is available within the Team Leads Help Center.